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About Thermo-Tech Plastics Ltd.

Dedicated to providing all of your plastic needs, Thermo-Tech Plastics Ltd. was founded in 2001  and is committed to delivering excellence to all of our customers using advanced technical knowledge and outstanding service.

Employing leading-edge technology and machinery, we boast extensive experience in product design and development, and specialize in various industries (i.e. food, utility, horticulture, automotive, aerospace, etc.).

Our experienced staff is helpful, responsive and always takes the time to understand your needs and develop solutions that are right for you and/or your business. With our state of the art design software - AutoCAD, CadKey, Cimatron and Solidworks - our mission is to provide quality plastics parts to the public.

Thermo-Tech Plastics Ltd. is a proud member of SPE and is located in Brampton, Ontario (see Location page for address info and map).

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